The Intangible Truth of Chance Malloy is the story of a man whose lonely and miserable life is turned upside down and inside out. Chance Malloy, a broken and self-loathing man of thirty-five, suddenly finds himself embracing life upon meeting and falling in love with Adele Kaye, a whimsically beautiful and artistic woman with a heart of gold. A new life chapter with which Chance discovers unknown talents, ambitions, hopes and dreams. A year into Chance's life transformation, however, he experiences one single moment of insecurity and doubt. And then, the strangeness begins . . . One by one, the people in Chance's life reveal themselves as pieces of a mysterious and often terrifying puzzle. As events occur that challenge the principles of reality, Chance's world begins to collapse. A shadow of doubt is cast upon his very existence. And the question becomes...What is Chance Malloy's Truth?

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