We are an artistic collective based in Fort Worth, made up of some of the finest filmmaking talent in Texas. Our mission is simple. To cinematically share the story of Chance Malloy in such a way that you, the audience, are presented with a truly aesthetic, inspiring tale that evokes a powerfully emotional response. Our crew consists of filmmakers with years of experience producing feature films, music videos, commercial work, and film festival award-winning short films, most recently having filmed music videos for Fort Worth-based musical group, Telegraph Canyon, and The Voice singer, Luke Wade. The Intangible Truth of Chance Malloy is a film ten years in the making. A beautiful blend of romance, mystery, and suspense, this film also explores the philosophies of Carl Jung and Erich Fromm, involving the conscious, unconscious, and collective unconscious mind. A love story wrapped in a metaphor, with an ending you will never see coming! We currently have the budget to produce The Intangible Truth of Chance Malloy as a short film. The original script, however, calls for a full two-hour feature-length production. We need your help to complete this production the way it is intended to be filmed. So, we ask that you check out our IndieGoGo campaign on IndieGoGo.com for further information on how you can help make this happen. Thank you so much for visiting our site and for your interest in the making of The Intangible Truth of Chance Malloy!

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